Writing for Children: getting started and writing groups

In August this year, my first children’s book: Quark’s Academy will be published with Hachette. Quark’s Academy is a junior-fiction story about three science whizz-kids.

You can read the first two chapters in Hachette’s 2017 SNEAK PEEKS! Just ask your local bookstore for a copy!
Over a series of blog posts, I’m sharing how I went from deciding to write for children to finding a publisher.

Writing for children:

I’ve always been a keen writer and someone who enjoys creating stories. Children’s books especially interest me because of the long-lasting impact they can have on a person, and the way they share so many truths in such creative and wonderous ways.

The decision to start writing for children was an easy one. I just needed to figure out how!

Writing courses

Several years ago, I found a course through the Australian Writer’s Centre called ‘Writing for Children and Young Adults’, it was just what I was looking for. The course was informative, interactive and what gave me the confidence to keep going. I started to write more and not long after joined a picture book writing group at the NSW Writer’s Centre.

Writing groups

Being in a writing group would mean having my work discussed and critiqued regularly – which sounded terrifying! It would also require me to give feedback to other writers – also terrifying!
However, I decided to give it try and was thrilled to meet many other aspiring writers who shared my passion for children’s books. It was a wonderfully supportive environment and where I learned so much about the complex craft of writing for children and the industry.

After a couple of years in the picture book group, I decided I also wanted to write chapter books. So, I started another writing group called Down the Rabbit Hole. It was in this group that I started working on Quark’s Academy.

I wholeheartedly believe being in a writing group has enabled me to find a publisher. Why? because I think every writer needs a support network. People who will give you honest feedback, encourage you every step of the way and who ultimately help you to become a better writer. It’s also handy to have people who will eat biscuits and drink tea with you and never tire of endless talk of books, writing and publishing.

My writing group picture below:

Down the Rabbit Hole


Coming up with the idea for Quark’s Academy

… In my next post, I’m going to share how I came up with the idea for Quark’s Academy.


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