Catherine is a children’s book author. Her debut book is a middle grade novel, ‘Quark’s Academy’ was published February 2018. Her picture book, ‘Something for Fleur’ is was published in August 2018, and a junior fiction novel, ‘Meet the Maniacs’ will be published in 2019.

Creative writing, being outdoors, travel, cats (all animals actually but especially cats) and spending time with friends and family are some of Catherine’s favourite things. She has worked in communications for over ten years for different charities and organisations. She has also had some very fun jobs on the side including, a children’s activities coordinator on cruise ships – travelling all around the world, a dinosaur guide at Taronga Zoo and an event organiser of a music festival in London.

Writing stories has been the one thing she has always come back to. Growing up, she loved reading, listening to and watching great stories. Now a grown-up, having her own stories turned into books is a dream come true.

Children’s books, in Catherine’s opinion, are the best. They are the ones that shape us, give us hope, help us find our place in the world…and, whisk us away to wonderful places.

Catherine is an auntie, a godmother and big kid at heart. She is currently working on her next book, and is represented by agent Alex Adsett.