A makeover, a nomination, NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge and more!

April! (actually…it’s nearly May!) How did that happen?! Not that I’m complaining, I love this time of the year when the weather cools down, and the leaves start to fall. It’s perfect for reading, hot chocolate, bushwalking and of course…writing! I’ve been busy beavering away on a couple of exciting new writing projects and thereContinue reading “A makeover, a nomination, NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge and more!”

Mad Scientists, a Flamingo, a hippo and a whole lot of fun.

As a newbie author, 2018 has been a heart-racing, nail-biting, champagne popping, pinch-me sort of year. There have been new challenges, nerves, and plenty of excitement. But as one of my favourite characters, Matilda Wormwood, says: Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog! On topContinue reading “Mad Scientists, a Flamingo, a hippo and a whole lot of fun.”

A BIG Birthday Surprise

A snazzy flamingo called Fleur, an awesome hippo called Bo and a birthday surprise. That’s what you will find in my soon to be released picture book, Something for Fleur. Illustrated by the marvelous Caitlin Murray, Something for Fleur is a fun story for children three years and up about friendship and birthdays. I’m absolutelyContinue reading “A BIG Birthday Surprise”

Launching Quark’s Academy

When I found out I was going to be published, one of my first thoughts was ‘hooray that means I can have a book launch!’ Who wouldn’t love, family and friends, books, cakes and bubbles all in the same room! And yesterday that happened. The first of the ‘Quark’s Academy’ book events was held atContinue reading “Launching Quark’s Academy”

Finding an agent and publisher

This is the final blog post in a series of three about my road to publication. In my last post, I shared how I came up with the idea of Quark’s Academy.  In 2015 I had the opportunity to pitch my story to agent Alex Adsett at the CYA Conference. I was delighted when Alex invitedContinue reading “Finding an agent and publisher”

Coming up with the idea for Quark’s Academy

Quark’s Academy will be my first published book! The idea for Quark’s Academy first came to me when doing an astronomy course at the Sydney Observatory. It was taught by a charismatic, enthusiastic and clever professor called Paul Payne. Each week I attended class at the Observatory (which is such an amazing place) and more and more IContinue reading “Coming up with the idea for Quark’s Academy”

Writing for Children: getting started and writing groups

In August this year, my first children’s book: Quark’s Academy will be published with Hachette. Quark’s Academy is a junior-fiction adventurous tale about three science whizz-kids. I’m sharing how I went from aspiring writer to finding a publisher.